The values to which the public service shall aspire and which shall govern its management and operation are establisehd by the Public Service Management Law (as revised from time to time) as follows -

  • to serve diligently the government of the day, the Legislative Assembly and the public in an apolitical, impartial and courteous manner and to deliver high quality policy advice and services;
  • to uphold the proper administration of justice and the principles of natural justice, and to support public participation in the democratic process;
  • to strive continually for efficiency, effectiveness and value for money in all government activities;
  • to adhere to the highest ethical, moral and professional standards at all times;
  • to encourage creativity and innovation, and recognise the achievement of results;
  • to be an employer that cares, is non-discriminatory, makes employment decisions on the basis of merit and recognises the aims and aspirations of its employees, regardless of gender or physical disabilities;
  • to be an employer that encourages workplace relations that value communication, consultation, co-operation and input from employees (either individually or collectively) on matters that affect their workplace and conditions of service; and
  • to provide a safe and healthy working environment.